Whether you need strategic advice or a doer handling your talent sourcing I can help!

I have a passion for building high-performing, effective and happy teams. With over 15 yrs of management experience, I hired hundreds of people and built dozens of multidiscipline teams.

I love searching for international, diverse talent, bringing people on board, support and coach them, and form committed and efficient teams.

I can be your one-time hiring consultant or handle all your recruitment/onboarding.


Some of the areas I could help with:

Learning Plans

Your business is growing fast; you know you have to scale your team but not sure about the exact roles you need to hire for, reporting lines, and order of hiring.

1-on-1 Training

You need help with your recruitment process - everything from where to find the top talent, crafting role descriptions, interviewing to selecting the best candidates.

Team Training

You have no time to be recruiting? I love talent sourcing, especially international hiring with focus on diversity & inclusion. I can run your entire recruitment or specific stages of the hiring process.

I have worked with Anna for over 7 years. She is an excellent trainer and coach with a wealth of business knowledge. She provided 1-on-1 training to anyone missing a skill needed to be more effective in their job. That could be anything from excel, customer support skills, account management, presentation skills, content creation. You name it - she most likely done it. Also, as our team was always remote - she perfected the skill of remote training. She also ran team training when launching new software, features or processes, and new starters onboarding. She is excellent in adjusting the training level to the trainee's experience - whether it's a newbie or manager with 40 years of experience. Her training is always practical, engaging, and informative. She picks up the most relevant bits and ensures that trainees benefit from the sessions and can immediately use the new knowledge in their day-to-day work.
Sofia Sanina
Sofia Sanina


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