Anna Sieniawska – Remote Work Consultant Ireland

Romana Siracusa

Head of Marketing, Portugal

“Anna is the most outstanding professional I have ever worked with! She’s a badass woman who never quits, cares deeply about people, and ALWAYS gets the job done.  Anna has been my mentor for years. She believed in me in a way no one else did. She believed in my potential even when I doubted it. She always gave me clear, constructive feedback in a way no one else did, which had a massive impact on the leader and professional I became”

Patrick Jackson

Founder/CEO, Ireland

“I really don’t know where to start in saying how much I respect and admire her as a person, team player but above all, as somebody who gets things done. Anna was the go-to person for pretty much everything and was always generous with her time and incisive in her suggestion of solutions. Nothing was too much trouble. Anna is the most dedicated and determined person I have worked with. She made everything possible and always in the nicest possible way. I often think “What would Anna do in this situation?”

Emily HUghes

Marketing Manager, Germany

“Anna is quite possibly the clearest and most effective manager I’ve ever worked with. I feel incredibly lucky to have had Anna as a mentor and leader. Her crystal clear leadership of remote teams is unparalleled. She has an uncanny ability to break any complicated process down into laser-focused steps and can clearly communicate solutions across several departments and multiple international teams”.

Randy Harinandan

Senior Manager, USA

“I had the pleasure of working with Anna while she ran Operations at International Open Academy; specifically we were tasked with helping the brand grow via the Affiliate channel. Anna came well versed in her brand, but more impressively she was a guru when it came to managing the KPIs that helped drive her business. She helped challenge my team on thinking outside the box rather than conventional marketing tactics that she had already implemented herself, and together we were able to come up with fresh ways to approach the company’s expansion in the US.


Finance Administrator, Philippines

“Anna has been a great mentor to me for almost 2 years. I’m very impressed with the extensive range of her skills, efficiency, and ability to teach. Anna created robust finance processes, reporting, and sales administration procedures, ensuring that business needs are always met, and the team understands the overall goals and reasons behind each task. She provided a clear vision and quickly found solutions to the most complex problems. She is excellent at designing processes and workflows.”

Tomasz Sitarek

Sales Executive, Poland

“I highly recommend Anna to anyone wishing to explore their career options. She is an excellent coach and has great insights into the job market’s newest trends. After carefully listening to me within the first call, she suggested career options I have not thought about but which are perfect for me. I have been thinking about going remote since September last year but could not figure out how to go about it. Anna helped me realize the unique skills I have and how to use them in my new career.”


Marketing Manager, South Africa

Anna is a true leader who’s heart is always on the company’s best interest. Her ability to identify, cultivate and grow talent is nothing short of inspiring. I worked under Anna’s leadership for 18 months and watched as teams were grown, employees were motivated and revenue exceeded. Together with best in class processes implemented and efficiency increased, Anna has an amazing way of keeping remote workers motivated and always giving their best. If you are looking to start or grow your business with remote teams and strong ops – Anna is your person!”

Bhagath Prasad

Managing Director, India

” I worked with Anna for eight years. She is someone who gets things done! She is charismatic, focused, and has tremendous energy. She played a crucial role in the growth of the company. Anna is an excellent senior leader who has vast experience in successfully managing various remote teams – from Sales and Marketing, Operations, Product, Customer Support, to even Technical/Reporting/Finance functions. We worked on key projects together incl. development of bespoke back-end and reporting system. She is creative, logical, fair and transparent.”


Demand Generation Manager, Portugal

“She is a well-trained strategic thinker with sound business instincts, always focused on the people’s growth and revenue. She excels in everything she sets her mind to. She has incredible energy, focus, and drive. In hands with these valuable skills, Anna is an excellent mentor; she was always there for the team and for me to advise and guide without being overwhelming. On a personal level, Anna is a ray of sunshine, very energetic and funny. A pleasure to work with, either as a colleague, a manager, or solely as a mentor. Trust me; she’s a potent source of knowledge, that type of intuitive experience you cannot find in the books or the internet.”


Business Owner, Italy

“Anna was one of the first people to motivate me to start my own business 5 years ago. Since then, she has been providing me with ongoing support and know-how. She is the person I deeply trust when it comes to general business and marketing advice. Anna is always happy to jump on the call or WhatsApp and be my sounding board, brainstorm partner, provide quick training, or connect me with the right person for whatever needs I may have. She is passionate, dedicated, creative, and always goes above and beyond to make sure I am taking the right opportunities. Sometimes I think that if it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t be doing the job of my dreams”. “

Sarah Farrell

Writer, Spain

“I worked with Anna for more than 4 years and this was my first experience working remotely for a company as a copywriter. It has been a very positive experience, thanks to Anna who is fantastic at ensuring everyone feels part of a tight-knit team. She has always explained what she wants me to do and how this work fits in with the broader aims/targets of the company. Anna has a gift for making people feel inclusive, even when they are working remotely in different countries , and she even goes out of her way to meet face-to-face if she is in the area. Anna knows how to build a team which works well together because of her clear guidance on workloads and company objectives.”

Karolina DOMELOW

Product Manager, Poland

“I had a pleasure working with Anna for over 4 years. Anna has mentored me, drove me forward, and help me find sides of me that I didn’t know existed. When we worked together on projects I felt that there isn’t a problem we couldn’t tackle and find a solution for. Anna is a great mentor and highly motivated individual who spreads positive energy around her.”