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ROMO’s producing, beatboxing, and djing skills combine to deliver crisp, captivating and endlessly original tracks. Foot-stomping hip-hop beats with classic elements of rave, jungle, house, and techno result in heart-pounding bass productions that are unmistakably ROMO: ideal for a night at home or a night out on the dance floor.

Roberto “Romo” Masala began experimenting with music at an early age: literally cutting up and piecing together the tape from audiocassettes to create loops and mixes on his portable radio. He advanced his techniques at 15 when he started using computers to make music and at 17 when his first turntables entered the equation. Today, his sampling, looping, and beatboxing techniques continue to shine throughout his work.

ROMO has played DJ sets across Europe and Southeast Asia, mixing a signature blend of drum & bass, house, techno, and other electronic styles. His recent mixtape, released May 2016 – Italians Got Groove hit top 10 in its category on Mixcloud.