My goal is to support you in resolving your operational pain points and facilitating healthy business growth.

I help executives & managers like you address daily work challenges by providing a safe, non-judgmental sounding board.

I help by openly discussing problems and blockers, challenging your thinking process, and exploring options. I actively provide input, suggest solutions and generate ideas.

In simple terms think about me as a mix of Business Advisor and Executive Coach.


Some of the areas I could help with

Strategy Building

You have a business you love, but you feel stuck. You are not sure how to grow it further or know how to grow it, but you are concerned about efficiency.

Independent Opinion

You have lots of ideas and plans but would love to talk them through with someone who can be trusted, provides candid and honest opinions, and have solid business experience.

Skill Gaps

You or your team have skill gaps (soft or hard skills) which need quick and practical solutions. Speak to me, and I will help you to find the best ways to close those gaps.

Company Culture

You need a support in shaping your company culture. You want to have a company which runs high on trust, respect, mutual support and transparency, and where employee well-being is in the centre.

Being Overwhelmed

Your company is doing great (or not so great!), you are working around the clock and get involved in too many things at once. You need help to take a step back and reorganise your priorities and solve burning problems.

HR Problems

Your key team member just handled their resignation. You found out someone else is considering leaving and few others are missing deadlines. You know there is a problem, and you are ready to tackle it but not sure where to start.

Anna was one of the first people to motivate me to start my own business 5 years ago. Since then, she has been providing me with ongoing support and know-how. She is the person I deeply trust when it comes to general business and marketing advice.
Kevin Rogg


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